Infer Global Delivery Model (GDM)

Outsourcing – Overview

An increasing number of companies are looking to realize the economic advantages of offshore development. read more +

Global Agile

With Global Agile, part of the development team is on-site read more +


InferAnalogy™ is a lightweight approach combining project management principles with Agile Development.

Client / Server Technology


Microsoft .NET is rapidly emerging as an indispensable technology platform.


Infer provides organizations with the capabilities, practices.

Open Source

Infer is an active member and supporter of the open source software (OSS) community.

Cost-effective SOLUTIONS

through Innovation


iSecure™, a product of Infer, is an Authentication Management solution focused on the unique needs of the user community.
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The RISQ™ application is to be a secure webbased questionnaire and reporting system. read more +


InfER™ (Information for Excellence in Research) is an innovative Knowledge Management solution. read more +

IBIM™ (Infer Business Intelligence Model)

Gartner’s 2008 CIO survey highlights that Business Intelligence (BI) is the top priority of CIOs. It is considered that BI can have a direct positive impact on business performance of an enterprise, dramatically improving the ability to accomplish the mission by making smarter decisions at every level of the business from corporate strategy to operational processes.

IBIM™ is one conscious approach, a blending of enterprise resources to deliver a complete, consistent, and reliable source of information to fulfill the promise of Business Intelligence.

IBIM™ ensures the business requirements and enterprise objectives drive the iterations.

IBIM™ helps your organization to understand the factors that influence BI and learn how to design an effective BI strategy.
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